Crown Cakes

Crown Cakes, a local and family owned company, opened in 2015.  The owner, Victoria Johnson, is a federal government retiree after 36 years.  She started her business in memory of a dear family friend, almost a sister, and the Italian rum cakes they shared.  Crown Cakes focus is on gluten-free products.  They started with mini rum bundt cakes and then progressed to a variety of herb-flavored cakes. The addition of the herbs takes the original flavor of each cake to another level.  Their ingredients are primarily sourced from Colorado and they strive hard to use organic and non-GMO ingredients.  Recently, they have increased their product line to include vegan items. They take basic foods and flavors and turn them into a new taste experience.  Still gluten-free, and now vegan, their breads, savory tarts and sweet puff pastries are filled with a variety of fillings.  Although it is a home-based business, they share a commercial kitchen with The Pickle Lady and Azteca Gourmet.