Pikes Peak Market builds community through food, art, and entertainment. We encourage community focused on healthy eating and active living; we support local artisans helping them grow their businesses; we provide nutrition education and healthy lifestyle activities for people in our community, regardless of socio-economic status; and we strive to fill a void in our downtown food desert.

Our Mission

Vibrant communities come in many shapes & sizes. They support a variety of activities: from arts & culture, to sports & entertainment, from excellence in education to strong workforces. The common thread of almost all of these vibrant communities is an active and engaging public market.


It is not surprising, then, that creating a public market in Colorado Springs ranks highest in community surveys identifying what Colorado Springs most needs for its downtown core. Enter the Pikes Peak Market (PPM). Formed as a nonprofit in 2013, PPM is poised to meet the needs of our community, bringing vibrancy, positive economic impact, job growth, business incubation, healthy eating, nutritional education, and local food initiatives.

Many public markets are formed through public/private ventures where private funds and governmental funds are used to develop, support, and grow the market. As Colorado Springs has historically resisted the expenditure of public funds for these types of initiatives, PPM chose to operate as a nonprofit organization. This allows revenue generated from the Market to be reinvested:


  • to educate our community about healthy eating and the positive impact it can have on our┬álives;
  • to provide business incubation for local food growers and vendors who need support in structuring and growing a business;
  • to provide access to local food options, fresh produce, and fresh packaged food for our community; and
  • to support healthy eating for those who often have little or no access to healthy, local food alternatives.